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Commercial Spaces


We optimize businesses with state-of-the-art technology ranging from office lighting to presentation technology that boosts productivity.



From corporate to classroom, our commercial lighting design, smart technology, and IT infrastructure solutions put your business or institution in the Oklahoma City area above the rest in overall efficiency and experience. We take care of all the details to help your business thrive, no matter the project. 

For example, we'll help you choose light fixtures that boost productivity in your office space from ambient in-ceiling lights to linear track lighting for your conference room table. We'll integrate dimmable LED lights that adjust color temperature to match daylight and boost employee morale. 

In restaurants, our distributed audio solutions and lighting control systems set the right ambience with curated playlists and illumination geared to the occasion—from dimmed, indirect lighting in an Italian bistro to vibrantly illuminated spaces in a bar.

Monitor and operate light sources, audio, video, and security from one central platform.

Streamline operations with remotely located equipment racks that distribute audio and video signals throughout your building.

Optimize natural light to match your lighting needs while managing any resulting heat gain, glare, or UV damage.

Commercial surveillance systems with cloud or local storage help mitigate threats in or around your Oklahoma City facilities.

Provide the best audio throughout your facility while making it easy for everyone to manage sources.

Improve employee morale in office areas and other commercial spaces with effective lighting through intuitive control of various types of fixtures.


Take control of all your technology with innovative design solutions available for Oklahoma City workplaces including large conference rooms and small huddle spaces. Designed to create smooth workflows in modern offices, our commercial automation systems offer one-touch control of audio, video, and lighting. Explore how we prepare your workspace for the future.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Integrated Room Control · Presentation Technology · Hidden Audio Video · Motorized Window Treatments · Video Conferencing

conference room with white chairs and windows

Lighting Control

Our lighting solutions let you instantly adjust task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting dimming or color temperature to get the right type of light for board meetings, video conferences, or presentations.

Motorized Window Treatments

Get the best lighting without wasting energy with motorized window treatments that manage natural lighting, protect furnishings from UV rays, and help regulate temperature.

Integrated Room Control

Increase meeting efficiency with one-touch control and scheduling for all audio, video, lighting, shading, and presentation technology. Pull up audio, adjust the lights, and share presentations with simple button presses.

Restaurant / Bar

Create an exceptional dining experience for your patrons with customized scenes that automatically transition your lights, shades, climate and multimedia.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Distributed Video · Video Displays · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · LED Lighting · Wi-Fi

LED Lighting

Transform the ambiance in an instant or with smooth transitions with striking LED lighting fixtures and strip lighting that change in color and intensity via scheduled routines.

HVAC Control

Automate your climate control system to effectively manage humidity, temperature and air quality for a comfortable and healthy environment for your patrons.

Motorized Window Treatments

Provide both protective functionality and a more pleasing atmosphere for diners with solar screen shades that reduce glare while preserving the view outside your restaurant.

Fitness / Spa

Craft an invigorating exercise environment with dynamic light scenes and rhythmic audio that keeps your visitors motivated and coming back.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Distributed Audio · Video Displays · Distributed Video · Motorized Window Treatments · HVAC Control · Hidden Audio Video · Wi-Fi

commercial gym with wall windows

Lighting Control

Transform the ambiance for high or low intensity exercise classes with dynamic one-touch scenes. Use vacancy sensors to turn lighting off when any space is not in use.

Motorized Window Treatments

Create versatile combinations of lighting throughout your facility to let in energy-inducing sunlight while regulating temperature control and protecting TV monitors from sun glare.


Keep patrons coming back by providing fast, reliable wi-fi service as an exclusive perk for members while they exercise or relax in the spa.

Classroom / Auditorium

Cultivate a more engaging learning experience in the classroom with smart solutions that encourage collaboration and increase productivity.

Common Solutions

Lighting Control · Presentation Technology · Motorized Window Treatments · Interactive Whiteboards

classroom or auditorium with padded chairs and wooden accents

Lighting Control

Encourage productivity with bright, even lighting that instantly dims on your command when it's time for an educational video, presentation or performance.

Presentation Technology

Communicate effectively to any-size audience with a sophisticated, fully equipped audiovisual system that is perfectly tailored to the dimensions and acoustics of your space.

Interactive Whiteboards

Promote active learning with interactive displays and whiteboards that encourage tangible connections and better collaboration among students.

Condo Pool / Spa

Develop an extravagant outdoor haven for residents with beautifully lit pools and weatherproof audiovisual equipment that management can easily control from one intuitive interface.
Common Solutions
Lighting Control · Multi-room Audio · Outdoor Lighting · Surveillance · Wi-Fi · Access Control · Video Displays
indoor pool in a condo

Lighting Control

Illuminate pools, spas and pathways with intricate installations above and underwater that also meet state code requirements for safety.

Multi-room Audio

Incorporate a robust multi-zone audio system that helps set the perfect ambiance for residents and guests across all common areas including the lobby, pool and lounge areas.


Ensure tenants and staff can access strong, reliable internet from anywhere outdoors with omnidirectional broadcast points that support hundreds of simultaneously connected devices.


Take advantage of our commercial AV, security, and lighting solutions for greater collaboration and customer retention. Contact us today for more information and next steps.