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3 Features a Modern Conference Room Needs

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Take Your Meeting Spaces to New Heights of Productivity

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your team’s productivity without adding one more item to your agenda, then it’s time to enlist the help of a professional commercial AV company like Integrated AV. With our modern conference room solutions, you can transform the way you do business in Oklahoma City, OK, and beyond. Learn about three essential features you should consider below!

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Wireless Connectivity

Many employees work across a wide array of devices, yet they likely don’t carry around every possible connection cable they need for presentations. Instead of having a heap of jumbled cords hidden in a drawer, or worse yet, on the table, consider a wireless connectivity solution. Imagine walking into a room, tapping in the connection code seen on the screen at the front of the room, and instantly broadcasting your device’s screen to meeting attendees. Less frustration, less time wasted, and more effective meetings are only a few taps away.

Speakers & Microphones

With today’s hybrid workforce, many meeting attendees are virtual, but they’re no less important than those physically in the room. With robust speakers and microphones, everyone is heard clearly and feels like a valuable part of the meeting.

High-Resolution Video

Depending on the size of your meeting space, you may opt for a projector and projection screen or a large-screen TV display. Regardless of your selection, ultra-high-definition 4K is a must-have, so slide decks, spreadsheets, videos, and meeting attendees are seen in realistic clarity. For larger spaces, consider multiple screens so every attendee can see the presentation comfortably without having to crane their necks to see.

For all of these modern conference room features - and more - Integrated AV is your Oklahoma partner. Connect with our team here to start exploring what’s possible.

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