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In our modern, technologically enhanced world, it can seem as though the tools that are intended to simplify life can actually make everything more stressful. By bringing together the controls for these tools, though, you can be well on your way to making your life easier and more productive. That goal is at the heart of AV automation, an important yet often-misunderstood topic. To help you understand if AV automation can improve your life, here are a few insights from Integrated HVAC in Edmond on the basics of this cutting-edge home solution.


When most people think of audio/visual applications in the home, they think of the basic home theater setup. Essentially, they think of a large television with a clear picture and sound that’s augmented with an amplifier and some type of speaker. However, audio/visual solutions can go far beyond these basic applications, and that is where AV automation comes into play.

For example, think of a whole-home stereo system set up so that you can listen to your favorite audio files anywhere in your home. Or, think of having multiple televisions wired to synchronize your content so that you can operate them all from a single centralized source. The possibilities are truly endless, allowing you to create a home that acts as more of a retreat than a simple structure where you happen to live.

Since the controls for such a multi-faceted system could become quite complicated, AV automation is necessary to make the entire experience user-friendly. Rather than having multiple remote controls that you have to keep track of, AV automation allows your entire system to be controlled from an app on your phone. You’ll be able to make adjustments from anywhere in the world. This type of engaging and inspiring integration is just one way that AV automation from Integrated HVAC can improve your life.


Even though automation is effective when paired with audio/visual applications, that’s not the only way that automation from Integrated HVAC can be deployed. Automation can make your home life easier in almost every imaginable way and do it so that it gives you less to think about.

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A couple of decades ago, a sprinkler timer might have been viewed as smart home technology. Now, a thermostat can be programmed to “learn” a homeowner’s preferred temperature throughout the day. And lights can be adjusted even when a homeowner is away from the house with the touch of a button from a smart device.

So, just what is a smart home, anyway? A smart home is equipped with different devices that automate a variety of tasks. In a smart home, homeowners can operate things like speakers, light bulbs, large appliances, and more with voice command, applications, or a separate system located within the home itself.


For many, the motivating factor behind creating a smart home is having the ability to save money while improving energy efficiency. For example, automated heating and air conditioning systems can reduce energy consumption. These smart-systems use internet and Wi-Fi technology to provide better control over the comfort level of the home.

Many people also appreciate the convenience of smart products. Smart devices can take care of normal tasks like vacuuming the floor, automatically starting a wash cycle, or even ordering more groceries whenever supplies are running low.

Another definite benefit of smart products is that many are designed to offer added safety and security. It’s easy to see why devices like smart cameras, doorbells, and lights are in high demand. Being able to see a visitor approaching and to check on your home from anywhere in the world are just a couple of perks smart security devices offer.

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