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Control4 Dealers Unlock the Full Potential of OKC Homes


Integrated AV is Your Dedicated Smart Home Partner

How are you handling smart home automation in your clients' homes? Choosing the right partner can elevate your high-end projects toward new heights of luxury and convenience with proper technology integration. 

We’re a certified Control4 dealer serving the Oklahoma City area, which means we’re experts in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into local living spaces. Selecting a seasoned professional for technology needs makes all the difference.

The Essentials of a Luxury Home Theater Design

A luxury home theater design featuring high-end speakers, comfy seating, and a large screen display.

Create the Ideal Cinematic Experience

Creating a luxury home theater is about more than just assembling high-end AV equipment. It’s about crafting an immersive, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment where you can enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience right in your own home.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what a luxury home theater design entails. Keep reading for more!

Creating the Ideal Backyard Theater System for Your Home


Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces with Family & Friends this Summer

As the weather warms up, transforming your backyard into an open-air theater is a fantastic way to enjoy movie nights with family and friends! Designing the perfect backyard theater system involves selecting the right equipment and setting up an environment that offers an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

Read more below to see our guide to creating the ideal backyard theater system for your Oklahoma City, OK, home!

Illuminate Your Home with Lucetta Lighting


Bring Top-Tier Lighting Solutions to Your Living Spaces

Lighting elevates ambiance, functionality, and aesthetics throughout your home! Advanced lighting solutions like Lucetta Lighting offer benefits that go beyond mere illumination.

From enhancing the mood and aesthetics of a room to promoting energy efficiency, Lucetta Lighting is an innovative choice for homeowners looking to elevate their living spaces. Let’s explore the key benefits of incorporating Lucetta Lighting across your Oklahoma City, OK, home. Voice Control Revolutionizes Home Automation


A Voice Control System Like No Other

Among the other voice control systems, stands out as a sophisticated solution tailored to enhance your living experience through advanced voice control and automation. This high-end system promises to manage your home environment and intuitively understand and respond to your commands.

In this blog, we take a detailed look at the benefits of integrating across your home, turning everyday routines into seamless, luxurious experiences. Want to learn more about bringing this smart solution to your Oklahoma City, OK, property? Keep reading below for more.

The Benefits of an Outdoor Audio System for Your Vacation Home

A Coastal Source outdoor speaker among the foliage.

Enhancing Your Weekend Getaway

As the warm months approach, many look forward to escaping to their weekend homes or lake houses, where relaxation and recreation await. Enhancing these getaways with an outdoor audio system can transform your experience, adding a soundtrack to your serene views and sunny days.

In this blog, we’ll explore how installing an outdoor audio system can maximize the enjoyment of your Oklahoma City, OK, vacation home this summer. Keep reading for more!

Amplify Your Summer Home with an Outdoor Audio System


Turn Up the Tunes and TV Sound with a Professional Installation

As summer approaches, homeowners in Oklahoma City look forward to revitalizing their lake houses and summer homes. A key component to maximizing entertainment is installing a high-quality outdoor audio system

Here’s how to choose and install the perfect sound system that will keep your toes tapping and guests singing all year round across your property.

Summer Home Readiness: Top Tips from an AV Consultant

 pool view with outdoor speakers hidden among landscaping

Protect Your OKC Home from the Hottest Season of the Year

As Oklahoma City's warmer months approach, it’s time to prepare your weekend and lakeside residences for maximum enjoyment. This blog delves into expert advice from Integrated AV, your local AV consultant serving the city's high-end homeowners. 

Keep reading for advice on preparing your luxury spaces for summer, covering everything from outdoor entertainment to climate control. Let's dive into these transformative solutions.