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3 Ways Lighting Design Creates Depth and Dimension in Your Home

A spacious, modern kitchen with gray cabinets, granite countertops, and a large center island with a bar area. It is illuminated by different shades of lighting.

Learn the Secret to Making Your Living Spaces More Enjoyable, Inviting, and Aesthetically Pleasing!

Beautifying your home is not only a matter of choosing elegant furniture and exclusive artwork—illumination is also a game-changer! The right lighting can influence your mood, highlight architectural features, and boost the overall aesthetics of a room. Among various lighting techniques, layered lighting stands out as a sophisticated method to create depth, dimension, and versatility. 

At Integrated AV, we partner with DMF Lighting, one of the industry's leading brands, to bring you unique fixtures that enhance your lighting design. Join us in this blog as we explore how our solutions can help you showcase the best features of your Tulsa, OK, home.