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Amplify Your Summer Home with an Outdoor Audio System


Turn Up the Tunes and TV Sound with a Professional Installation

As summer approaches, homeowners in Oklahoma City look forward to revitalizing their lake houses and summer homes. A key component to maximizing entertainment is installing a high-quality outdoor audio system

Here’s how to choose and install the perfect sound system that will keep your toes tapping and guests singing all year round across your property.

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Audio System

When selecting the best audio setup, consider the environmental challenges and specific needs of your space. Outdoor speaker brands like Sonance and Coastal Source offer durable, weather-resistant audio systems that deliver exceptional sound quality despite Oklahoma’s harsh sun, wind, rain, and insects. Combine superior components with professional design, installation, and post-installation support from Integrated AV, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

Insights Into the Installation Process

An installation from Integrated AV will help you achieve the best outdoor audio system performance that works well every season. Each of our projects is fully customized to suit your property’s unique layout while complementing your desired aesthetic. We install speakers strategically, directing sound toward seating areas and away from the neighbors. Speakers and subwoofers are also hidden among landscaping areas, under eaves, or stand out as eye-catching conversation starters—your choice.

System Integration and Smart Control

Today’s audio systems offer incredible flexibility with smart home integration. You can control your outdoor speakers directly from your smartphone or tablet, adjusting the volume, changing tracks, or setting the mood without ever leaving your seat. Whether hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening by the lake, the ease of control makes all the difference.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to revamp your vacation home with better entertainment options. Connect with our team here today, and let us help you embrace a more exciting way to live your vacation life, not just this summer, but every season for years to come!

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