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Let Motorized Window Shades Shape Your Day

A bedroom semi-illuminated by half-risen motorized window shades.

From Morning to Evening, Smart Shades Brighten Up Your Routine

Motorized window shades might initially seem like an add-on solution to complete your Edmond, OK, smart home and overall interior design. But automated shades can enrichen any room’s decor and prevent intense sun rays from damaging your interiors while redefining your daily routine.

From the start of the day to when you’re ready for bed, automated window treatments can help illuminate your living spaces or shield them from the sun at the right times. Keep reading on below to learn how this innovative solution can brighten your everyday lifestyle today!

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Morning Wake-Up

You might be used to bright lighting fixtures turning on as your alarm goes off, startling you awake. But instead, imagine motorized window treatments slowly rising to let in the gentle sunrise’s glow. You can wake up gradually and feel energized after a good night’s rest.

Midday Shading Automation

As the day goes on, when you’re trying to get work or chores done - or even relax in any given living space - the harsh sunlight can become irritating. With installed photosensors, your motorized shades can automatically adjust to accommodate the sun’s changing patterns.

Bedtime Routine

With a smart shading system, there won’t be any need to walk throughout your whole property to lower every shade manually before bed. The beauty of shading automation is that all it takes is one single button-press on your smart device to lower every shade at once! And even if you don’t want to make lowering them a part of your nightly routine, an automated setting can lower them at a set time instead.

Want to find out more about motorized window shades for your home and how they can impact your daily lifestyle? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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