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Practice Your Swing Year-Round with a Golf Simulator for Home

A basement with a golf simulator for home in the corner.

Get Ready for the Upcoming Golf Season with an Ace Indoor Golf Simulator 

Some physical activities can be done anywhere and anytime, like jogging or lifting weights. But during the gloomiest, coldest winter months, most people’s golf clubs stay in the closet, waiting until spring returns. 

That is unless you own a golf simulator for your home. Golf simulators by Ace Indoor Golf aren’t like arcade or video games—they’re true-to-life simulators used by professionals and golf clubs worldwide. 

Our team at Integrated AV has installed hundreds of home golf simulators in the Oklahoma City area. Read on to learn how they work and see what you can expect from your own golf simulator! 

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How Golf Simulators Work

Ace Indoor Golf simulators include five essential components: 

  • Projection system with 4K HDR video and a durable projection screen built for impact 
  • Ball flight tracker that uses overhead cameras and infrared sensors 
  • Swing analysis software that utilizes ball-tracking technology and analytics to accurately map your golf swing
  • Virtual golf courses in the Ace software course library 
  • Control system that connects to your golf simulator technology, audio, lighting, climate, and more, all via in-wall keypads, your smartphone, tablet, or remote. 

Ace simulators’ high-speed cameras and sensors precisely measure your club’s movement and impact on the ball so you can accurately transfer muscle memory skills to the real green in spring. 

Installing Your Golf Simulator 

Because golf simulators involve many moving parts, it’s best to trust a professional to install your system so it’s arranged with the correct dimensions and properly integrated technology. We’ll customize your simulation booth (complete with a turf mat) with all the features you desire. 

Why It’s Worth It 

In winter, it’s tempting to spend more time on the couch, but a golf simulator helps you stay active while letting off steam. You won’t feel rusty when you return to the course in spring or summer, and you can even improve your skills by that time. Play with your spouse or kids—a golf simulator is an endlessly fun way to spend time together.

If you’re interested in a golf simulator installation in the Oklahoma City area, Integrated AV is your destination. Contact us here to learn more and get started today!

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