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Why You Should Motorize Your Blackout Shades

A dimly lit bedroom with a queen size bed, large area rug, and two large blackout shades on either side of the bed.

Take Complete Control of Natural Light with Motorized Window Shades 

Motorized window shades offer the ultimate convenience for your home, allowing you to adjust natural light instantly via voice commands, mobile apps, or elegant keypads. This intuitive control helps you set the perfect environment in your Edmond, OK, home, no matter the time of day. And while we recommend a wide array of shading options, these benefits are most evident with blackout shades. These models eliminate all natural light in a space to help toddlers fall asleep or to create a cozy environment in your theater. 

Below are some examples of motorization making blackout shades more efficient for our clients in Edmond, OK. 

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Improved Sleep Quality 

Blackout shades are highly effective at blocking out light, so it's no surprise they're a go-to in bedrooms. Through automation, shades lower at preset times to darken the room, aiding in better sleep routines. Create a den-like environment ideal for getting the toddler to bed or helping those sensitive to light sleep in on the weekends. 

Home Theater Experience 

Full blackout shades are a great addition for those with multi-purpose home theater systems. They eliminate glare on screens and create an ambiance similar to a commercial theater. Motorization adds the convenience of managing the room's lighting at the press of a button. When you press play, the blackout shades lower right as your movie begins. 

Privacy at an Instant 

Blackout shades provide the ultimate privacy. This is particularly important in bedrooms or bathrooms, where privacy is paramount. Motorization allows for easy adjustment of the shades without having to walk up to the windows. Use a handheld remote, on-wall keypad, or even a mobile app to close shades without feeling exposed. 


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