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Simplify Collaboration with Unified Communications Solutions

A conference room with a table full of people looking at two screens on the wall–one featuring a video conference and the other a presentation.

Invest in Technology that Brings Remote and In-Office Employees Together 

Now that many companies are dealing with hybrid workforces, it's more important than ever to have communication solutions in place to ensure all employees can collaborate easily. A standard approach is a unified communications solution like Microsoft Teams or Zoom that creates a smooth flow for all interactions via email, chat, and video conference. 

Usually, companies bring in this software to enhance collaboration between clients and employees. The best way to get the most out of these UC solutions is to integrate them with the already-established hardware in your Oklahoma City, OK, property. 

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Integrated UC Solutions

While standalone UC solutions are great for creating virtual meeting spaces, it's when you have fully integrated systems that you genuinely kick-start your business. Enjoy software that works with cameras, displays, speakers, room scheduling, and more for a seamless experience. If you start a meeting, all your equipment automatically prepares depending on whether it's for a job interview, quarterly report, or product development. 

How We Can Help

Creating a unified communications solution simple enough for remote and in-person employees to manage requires an expert touch. A solid commercial AV design is vital to ensure your technology accommodates all your needs. 

In addition, our team ensures you're using the right equipment and installing it the right way to make it work with your UC platform. Oftentimes, that includes automating specific devices (like lights) as part of your meeting settings. Finally, a professional AV company monitors your equipment to ensure it functions at all times—helping you avoid downtime during important meetings. 

Get more streamlined communications in your business with unified communications solutions. Not only will our team design a system tailored to your needs, but we'll also provide ongoing training and support. Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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