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How Smart is Your Smart Home?

touchscreen tablet showing a Control4 smart home management system, set on top of a counter

3 Solutions a Smart Home Hub Lets You Manage

Many homeowners believe creating a smart home is as simple as powering up a voice-activated speaker and connecting a few devices to it. In actuality, it is only as intelligent as the system setup, so that’s why most DIY smart homes feel disjointed and clunky. Without a central smart home hub, your devices work all by themselves in a technological Wild West where anything goes with no cohesive management platform to use.

With a complete automation system at your home in Oklahoma City, all of your connected devices work together. There’s one app to use, one interface to learn, and no need to juggle through various apps or remotes to get things to work as they should. Read below to discover three home solutions you can control with a smart home hub installation from Integrated AV!

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1. Motorized Shades

Your motorized shades add style, comfort, and convenience to your daily routines. With one button tap, you can raise and lower one shade, a bay of window shades in a single room, or the entire home’s worth of window treatments in seconds. You’ll have the power to control multiple rooms and windows with a centralized control hub.

2. Whole-Home Audio

The kids can listen to their favorite YouTube playlists in the game room while you and your partner listen to lossless hi-fi audio streaming in the kitchen. A smart home hub lets you manage each speaker and audio source independently or send the same audio source to every room of the house!

3. Home Theater

A smart home hub can incorporate all your home theater system’s components into one easy-to-manage control environment. You can even program smart scenes that combine multiple device responses: the Movie Night scene will lower shades to reduce ambient light in the room, fire up the AV system, and dim the lights to the perfect setting for a movie marathon.

Want to learn more about smart home hubs and technology solutions that make life easier? Connect with us here to get started!

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