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Top 3 Technologies You Need for Whole-Home Audio Systems

A modern kitchen with invisible speakers from Sonance installed.

Make a Party in Every Corner of Your Home with a World-Class Audio System!

Music is one of the greatest ways to fill your home with fun and set a cheerful ambiance in every room. Whether you want to settle in for a relaxing night with a good book or host a nightclub-style party for your friends, whole-home audio systems are the perfect solutions to enhance the daily activities in your Oklahoma City, OK, home.

To achieve the luxurious experience you desire, however, you’re going to need high-quality technologies integrated by a talented team of professionals. Curious about learning what those are? Keep reading our blog and discover the technology Integrated AV can incorporate into your home to fill your spaces with music and joy!

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In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers That Blend Into Your Décor

Interior design is a common concern for homeowners interested in whole-home audio. On the one hand, they would love to enjoy their playlists, podcasts and audiobooks anywhere they go. Still, on the other hand, they don’t want huge speakers intruding into the balance of their aesthetic, especially if they have the popular minimalistic style.

With Integrated AV, you will never worry about that! We partner with Sonance, a highly reputable brand in the audio solutions industry, and we are ready to incorporate the highest definition in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. 

For example, we can install Sonance’s Invisible Series speakers, built with lightweight, flexible material, making them a benchmark of installation flexibility and performance. In addition, all speakers from this series are fully concealed within walls or ceilings, providing a sleek appearance with no intrusion on your room decor. 

World-Class Amplifiers for a World-Class Experience

Installing high-quality amplifiers is crucial for a successful whole-home audio experience. In order to enjoy music that is uncompromising in quality and sound, you need amplifiers that provide the right amount of power. Keep in mind that all speakers have different power needs, and you can damage your equipment if you can’t successfully meet them. By working with our team of experts, you can rest assured that your amps will be carefully matched to your speakers, ensuring that high-definition audio is delivered.

Smart Home Control to Seamlessly Manage Your Content

Now that you have everything to immerse yourself in the superior sounds of your favorite playlist, you need a way to manage all your content effortlessly. With Control4, creating the right musical environment is just one tap-on-a-button or voice command away!

Through the same system you use to control your lighting, thermostat and door locks, you can manage your multi-room audio. Control4 lets you choose whether you want the same music to play everywhere in your house or just in one area, allowing every family member to enjoy the experience that fits their needs. This system can also provide a wide variety of music streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio and many more!

At Integrated AV, we are committed to helping our clients enjoy their homes to the fullest with our high-tech solutions. Are you ready to incorporate a whole-home audio system into your home? Contact us right here to learn more!

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