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Breaking Down Coastal Source Landscape Lighting Options

Backyard patio area with two lounge chairs illuminated by Coastal Source fixtures

Bring your spaces to life with Coastal Source's world-class outdoor lighting components.

Most homeowners have worked hard to build a dream home filled with luxury and style. But, many times, they wonder what else they can do to elevate the aesthetic of their home, and we have the answer to that question. 

Adding landscape lighting is the ultimate solution that will bring your Oklahoma City, OK outdoor spaces to life. Read below to learn how you can enhance your property in a unique way with Coastal Source. A well-lit, vibrant home awaits you!

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Landscape Lighting is Essential

Outdoor lighting highlights the beautiful features of your yard and entertainment spaces while also adding a layer of security. Keep entrances and access points to your smart home properly illuminated and secured by incorporating your security system. Whether it's accentuating the detailed architecture of your home, illuminating pathways, or highlighting the pool, Coastal Source offers a wide range of lighting fixtures that blend seamlessly into your property. 

Niche Lights

The FLEX Niche fixtures from Coastal Source project a powerful, concentrated wash of illumination without revealing their location. These flexible fixtures can be installed amongst the bushes and flowerbeds where they hide in plain sight. Only the beautiful light emanating from them cause anyone to notice they’re there! Niche fixtures are easy to install and are ready to be used right out of the box.

Match Lights

Coastal Source's Match Lights combine cutting-edge technology and a modern, minimalist aesthetic that perfectly matches any modern home like yours. The Gimbal LED provides total control over the light while remaining watertight and sealed against the elements. These are perfect for locations where you’d prefer your fixtures to stand out instead of disappearing into the rest of your yard. Walkways, entrances, and around the pool or hot tub are the perfect installation location for these Coastal Source fixtures.

Bullet Lights

Bullet lights are constructed of solid brass right down to the screws, resulting in corrosion-proof performance for years to come. Wind, rain, and sun are no match for these sturdy materials. You can install these fixtures around trees, between hedges in your yard, or on your front steps. 

Path Lights

With unique and elegant styles, Coastal Source offers various path light options. These fixtures allow you to achieve subtle light with superior reliability that enhances the architectural beauty of your home from the driveway to the garden. Coastal Source path lights are found in a variety of finishes and sizes to give your space even more customization. Illuminate the entire entryway or use them to illuminate around the deck or outdoor kitchen area. Your guests will be able to safely navigate your property at the next cookout or pool party thanks to landscape lighting!

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Strategically installing landscape lighting will help you do more than just illuminate your outdoor spaces. Give your home a warmer, more welcoming look with fixtures from Coastal Source and an expert team like us. Connect with us today to get started.

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