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Top Reasons Why We Love

A Sonos music system installed in the living room of a home next to a sofa

Discover the Unmatched Luxury Josh Has to Offer!  

We are living in unprecedented times when it comes to technology. Nowadays, homeowners have access to hundreds of technologies to enhance their comfort and convenience. But how could you know which is the best? 

At Integrated AV, there are tech solutions we absolutely love, such as, a voice-controlled home automation system that brings unparalleled luxury and convenience to any home. Keep reading to discover why we love adding this system to every Oklahoma City, OK, home!

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Everyone Can Use It is a technology that has the quality of being appealing to everyone. Whether you are a tech genius or you’ve barely learned to use your smartphone, as long as you can speak, Josh is for you. This is possible thanks to its natural language processing technology, which allows you to talk to your home with the same naturality you would speak to a friend. 

It’s Always Improving

Josh is more than a voice assistant; it is an artificial intelligence. This means it is constantly learning from your interactions and improving. By enabling AI Learning, Josh takes note of your preferences and automatically customizes your surroundings to provide the best experience —no programming required!

Josh Protects Your Privacy

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for most homeowners. The good news is that Josh values your privacy just as much as you do. This voice assistant is designed to only listen to you when woken up, and it is equipped with wake word detection technology to avoid activating your system by accident. In addition, Josh runs most processing locally and, in the limited cases it uses cloud services, these can only be accessed through an encrypted connection. 

At Integrated AV, we want to help you turn an ordinary house into a dreamy smart home. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create the perfect lifestyle for your family! 

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