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Transform Your Commercial Spaces with Advanced Office Automation

Office corridor with meeting room, digital screen, and illuminated occupancy signs.

Find Out How Integrated AV Takes OKC Businesses to the Next Level

If you’re an owner or building manager looking for ways to enhance efficiency and productivity for your Oklahoma City company, then it’s time to consider office automation from Integrated AV. 

Learn what’s possible with these game-changing technology additions—keep reading!

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Modernize Offices with Smart Tech

Imagine controlling lights, security, shades, and AV systems across an office or multi-campus facility with a single, intuitive building management system. 

Seamless tech integration simplifies daily opening and closing tasks, reducing the workload for your employees. With prescheduled device settings and occupancy sensors, lights and AV equipment turn off automatically in unoccupied rooms, reducing energy costs and enhancing operational efficiency without having to think twice about it!

Lighting Control: The Bright Way to Work

Effective lighting is crucial in any commercial setting. With advanced lighting control systems, managing artificial and natural light throughout your facility is simple.

Whether adjusting lights according to the time of day, for specific functions, or in different rooms, these systems minimize costs while creating the perfect backdrop for productivity.

Motorized Shades Balance Light and Comfort

Natural light revitalizes people’s moods and efficiency, and it's essential to manage it effectively. Automated window treatments offer flawless control, allowing staff members to embrace invigorating sunlight while eliminating heat gain, glare, and UV damage. Plus, with a range of designer fabrics and colors, these treatments add a touch of elegance to everyday workspaces. 

Networking Is the Backbone of Automation

A robust network is the backbone of any office automation system, enhancing infrastructure, reliability, and speed. Network management software optimizes device performance, ensuring your Oklahoma City facility stays connected and secure when it matters most—always!

Safety and Security Measures

Control and monitor access with innovative technology like keycards, ID codes, and biometric scanners. Real-time surveillance footage and remote monitoring add another layer of security, ensuring peace of mind for facility managers tasked with keeping an eye on the property around the clock.

Embracing office automation is a leap toward creating more efficient, secure, and comfortable work environments in OKC! Contact Integrated AV using this form, and we’ll explore custom commercial solutions together.

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