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What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Control?

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Enhance Your Lifestyle in Oklahoma City with Beautiful Landscape Lighting

Lighting control has become more prevalent recently because of the convenience and beauty it adds to a home. But did you know it is not only limited to indoor spaces? Take all of the fun outdoors with a landscape lighting system! Your property will be brightened with stunning light from your pool to the porch. And the benefits don't end there. Increase the value of your home, add safety and security to your property, and spend more time outside when you upgrade your yard.

Read on to learn three ways an outdoor lighting control system will enhance your lifestyle in Oklahoma City, OK. 

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Curb Appeal

An outdoor lighting control system will add beauty and style to your outdoor spaces, improving your home's curb appeal and overall value. You can illuminate your property with a button tap to showcase its best features, from architectural highlights to stunning greenery. Bullet lights from Coastal Source blend seamlessly with your design without distracting your natural landscape. Tree-mounted lights can create a moonlight effect, and small lights on your pathways create depth for a layered lighting design.


Brightening your property at night is essential for more than just adding beauty to your home. It also helps keep your family and valuables safe! When your walkways are lit, you are less likely to trip and fall at night. Elderly and weak family members will be able to navigate with ease. You can even schedule your outdoor lighting control system to turn on automatically when it gets dark for complete ease of use.

Intruders are less likely to target your home if it is well-illuminated. Use motion sensors that automatically activate when someone passes by to deter potential criminals from entering your property. Gain peace of mind that your home will remain protected whether you are in bed or away.

Stay Up Late

The fun ends when the sun goes down without an outdoor lighting control system. Stay out later by illuminating your backyard. Take your outdoor spaces to the next level by integrating landscape lighting into your pool design, garage, basketball court, or outdoor home theater. Change the color and intensity of every fixture to set the perfect mood for any event. For example, a soft glow on your patio will help you relax after a long work day, or bright neon lights can excite you for a pool party.

Integrated AV is Oklahoma’s trusted local outdoor lighting control and entertainment expert. From stunning lighting design to outdoor audio-video systems, our technicians are here to help you create living spaces that you can share with your friends and family. Now is the perfect time to upgrade; summer is almost here, and your family will spend more time under the sun! If you are ready to begin your outdoor lighting project, contact us right now by filling out this online form. 

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