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Contact Your Local Coastal Source Dealer for Summer Fun!

 illuminated outdoor walking path with green foliage and Coastal Source light fixtures

Tulsa Homes Need Lighting & Speakers for Outdoor Summer Entertainment

It’s summer, so how do you plan to enjoy the season? If you want to spend any time outside on your Tulsa patio or by the pool, then it’s time to contact Integrated AV for an outdoor entertainment upgrade. 

As a Coastal Source dealer, we have exclusive access to lighting and speaker options from an outdoor industry giant! Learn what this means for your backyard experiences, whether you want to splash in the pool with some tunes or want to barbecue while watching the game.

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What Distinguishes Coastal Source from Other Brands?

Coastal Source excels by specializing in high-end, durable landscape lighting and outdoor audio engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions while looking great. Their innovative products are built for longevity and seamlessly integrate into residential and commercial spaces.

Do I Need Outdoor Speakers?

Yes! There’s no need to carry around a portable speaker or blast your smartphone whenever you want to enjoy music, podcasts, or TV audio outside. Instead, our Coastal Source experts will incorporate stylish speakers designed for performance among flowerbeds and landscaping or under patio eaves, all expertly calibrated and directed toward seating and play areas. The result is perfect sound performance at the ideal volume in every corner of the property.

What Is Landscape Lighting?

Coastal Source outdoor lighting fixtures are the functional addition you didn’t know you needed, improving everyday safety and adding ambiance for special occasions. Highlight landscaping or architectural details, brighten walking pathways and pools, and enjoy a peaceful evening with perfect illumination, thanks to an expertly designed and installed lighting system from Integrated AV.

With so many premium lighting and speaker options, Coastal Source is the number-one pick for our Tulsa clients’ outdoor upgrades. Contact our team here to learn what’s possible!

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