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4 Outdoor Speakers That Bring Up the Fun in Your Alfresco Spaces

A Sonance Patio series speaker blends into the landscape.

Add more music and joy to your outdoor spaces with Sonance and Coastal Source

Every activity gets a little better when you move it outside: food is tastier, drinks are more refreshing, and the moments spent with your family and friends become unforgettable. Create much more enjoyable spaces with an outdoor sound system that brings the magic of music to every area of your home! 

In this blog, we will review four amazing outdoor speakers from Sonance and Coastal Source, two leading brands in the outdoor audio industry. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of integrating these devices into your home in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Coastal Source’s Line Source Bollards

This is the perfect device if you are looking to fill a large outdoor area with music and entertainment. Thanks to its line array technology for high sound pressure levels and variable waveguide technology, you can enhance performance and obtain unparalleled fidelity with constant coverage of near-field, mid-field, and far-field listening areas. This allows you to bring more fun to your outdoor spaces, no matter how big or small your party is.

Coastal Source’s Modulus Bullet Speakers

Do you want the perfect combination of high performance, reliability and speed of installation? The Modulus Bullet speakers are equipped with Coastal Source’s patented Plug+Play cabling system, which allows for seamless installation without being too invasive to your landscape areas. With these world-class speakers, you can truly say goodbye to poor-quality connections, out-of-phase polarities and disrupted connections.

Sonance Patio Series

The Patio Series from Sonance is an elegant outdoor sound system capable of providing an immersive music experience while blending seamlessly into your natural surroundings. This series consists of four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer, delivering balanced coverage for large areas of up to 1,000 square feet. 

Another great advantage of this speaker system is that you can effortlessly expand your coverage to enjoy your audio content in outdoor spaces up to 2,000 square feet.

Sonance Rock Speakers 

If you are looking for a speaker that combines durability, performance and a biophilic design, Sonance’s Rock speakers are your best choice. These weather-resistant speakers deliver clean sound while withstanding the harshest conditions, making them a perfect fit for your pool areas. 

These rock speakers are also sleek options if you want your technology to disappear into your surroundings. Their realistic design and granite finishes allow them to blend into your landscape, letting nature and amazing sound be the center of attention.

At Integrated AV, we are passionate about helping our clients create more enjoyable spaces to share with their families and friends. Are you ready to bring more fun into your home with an outdoor sound system? Reach out to us right now by filling out this online form

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