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Top Considerations for Successful Landscape Lighting Design

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Transform Your Yard & Entertainment Areas with Illumination

Landscape lighting is so much more than spotlights or porch bulbs. It’s about creating an enchanting ambiance with a variety of beautiful fixtures that capture your family’s personality while enhancing your home's exterior in the Edmond, OK, area.

For homeowners planning to brighten their outdoor spaces, it's essential to implement a comprehensive landscape lighting design with a professional's expertise! With Integrated AV, you can shine a light on outdoor lighting possibilities and work with some of the best smart home professionals who can bring your vision to life with innovative and well-thought-out lighting technologies. Read more below!

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Step 1: Find a Professional Lighting Designer

A lighting designer helps guide you through every step of the process. Not only will they be familiar with the latest smart home technology and can offer solutions that integrate with your existing systems, but they’ll ensure using and maintaining the new lighting system is a seamless experience that creates the perfect aesthetic across your property.

Make sure to work with a professional who is fully licensed and insured so you're protected in the event of any unforeseen issues during installation. Also, consider the maintenance requirements and optional service plans available, so you can rest easy knowing your new smart lighting system receives the latest software updates when needed.

Step 2: Identify & Implement Lighting Goals

Next, identify your lighting goals in partnership with a lighting designer. Do you want to highlight architectural features, ensure safety along walkways, create a dynamic entertaining space, or a combination of all three? These answers influence the type of fixtures used, their placement, and the necessary technology to support them.

Step 3: Experience It for Yourself

Once designed and installed, a cohesive landscape lighting design transforms properties into enchanting outdoor spaces that enhance security and increase the value of your home.

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