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How to Make a Big Impact with High-End Speakers

Close-up of speaker system with large side speakers and center console.

Little Changes to Make for Better Sound Quality

You've purchased new high-end speakers and are ready to rock the house with the ultimate sound experience, but when you turn the speakers on, they might not live up to your expectations. You may hear an echo, too much bass, or harsh high tones. But don't worry. This happens! A high-end system is rarely perfect right out of the gate!

You've only completed part of the work now that you've invested in high-end speakers. The next step is to fine-tune them for your space and preferences, which takes trial and error. Continue reading for tips on making little changes to improve sound quality in your Oklahoma City, OK home.

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Improve Acoustics

Although your new high-end speakers provide lossless audio, the true impact gets lost if you have too many hard surfaces in your listening room. They cause an echo in the sound. Instead, improve acoustics in the room by adding carpets, rugs, curtains, acoustic wall treatments, or other sound-absorbing features.

Move Your Speakers

Speakers should be spaced away from each other - about eight feet of separation for floorstanding speakers - and two to three feet from the nearest walls. If you can, mount your speakers on stands to elevate the sound away from the floor. But a secret to great sound is in the placement of your subwoofer. There’s not an exact science to perfect subwoofer placement. Instead, try moving it around the room until you are happy with the sound quality - you'll be surprised what a difference that can make.

Play with the Settings

We know your mom probably told you not to play with things because they might break, but in this instance, playing around is necessary to find the perfect satisfying sound quality you imagined. Use your amplifier to change up frequencies, output locations, and more. Many amplifiers have room-correcting technology that can automatically adjust the speakers to the perfect setting. 

Still not sure about the speaker sound you’re hearing in Oklahoma City, OK? Contact us at Integrated AV for any questions about your high-end speakers or how you could improve sound quality. Contact us right here!

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